Steam on openSUSE

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The steam linux beta is now open to everyone. I just installed it on my openSUSE PC. Here’s how. Update Andrew Wafaa pointed out that there’s an rpm package providing a much easier installation option that I could have found myself ¬_¬ It wasn’t entirely straightforward as there is only an Ubuntu package. These steps… Read more »

Webpinstant – Package Name Search

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I have added support for searching by package names only. This was one of the most requested features. I would like to make the normal search “just work” as much as possible and rank relevant search results highly. However, there do seem to be some good use cases for only searching package names. You can… Read more »

Webpinstant Update 1

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Thanks to everyone who has been sending me bug reports and suggestions for webpinstant This evening I Fixed an indexing bug that meant searches for some exact-match filenames returned no results. This will require re-indexing all repositories at some point. Here’s a search that wasn’t working and is now fixed Thanks cb400f. Fixed linking to… Read more »

Webpinstant – Software Search

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A few years ago I wrote a tool called webpin that allowed people to search for openSUSE packages across all openSUSE repositories, both by package names and their contents. This was useful for finding where a package for a particular file was located. openSUSE had an awful lot of separate package repositories (There are now… Read more »

openSUSE conference – Software Portal Talk

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Here are my notes from the software portal talk Pascal and I gave yesterday at the openSUSE conference. The slides we used are also available. What is the Software Portal? Software Portal is a free-software web-application that runs as a service on on It provides both a web-ui and an API. It is possible… Read more »

openSUSE IRC – Mailing list & Bot

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There is a new mailing list for operators on the openSUSE IRC channels – ircops at opensuse dot org. If you have any queries, suggestions, or complaints regarding an openSUSE IRC channel, please email the list, supplying relevant log excerpts. For reference, the IRC rules are located on the opensuse-community wiki.. If you are an… Read more »

Hackweek – Software Portal

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Most of the time that I was able to spend actually hacking during hackweek I spent working on the software portal. It was very helpful to be able to discuss issues with Pascal in person. The software portal project aims to expose the software available for openSUSE and other linux distributions to users as “Applications”… Read more »

Hackweek Summary & New Blog

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Having now left the University of Warwick, I have lost access to my Warwick hosted blog. So I will now be hosting it myself at Last week was hackweek at Novell – during which Novell developers get to work full time on their own personal projects. Novell were kind enough to sponsor several openSUSE… Read more »