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Having now left the University of Warwick, I have lost access to my Warwick hosted blog. So I will now be hosting it myself at

Last week was hackweek at Novell – during which Novell developers get to work full time on their own personal projects. Novell were kind enough to sponsor several openSUSE community members (including myself) to travel to Nürnberg to meet openSUSE community members (some of whom are employed by Novell) in person and participate in hackweek. It was great that so many people from outside Novell were able to take part this time.

My week was a mixture of some useful discussion about openSUSE (I’m not sure who came up with the name “chatweek”, but Andrew seems to have blogged it first at least.) and work on the software portal project (which I will blog about separately). I think it was productive to discuss some of the weaknesses of the openSUSE project, and what can be done to address them. I hope someone else will publish the outcomes of these discussions as I did not take very good notes.

It was also good to talk to people in person about the projects I am involved in (Software Portal and One Click Install) and give and be given suggestions and requests. I was able to talk to Klass about what we would need from the buildservice hermes messaging framework to allow the buildservice to push information about new packages directly to the software portal. It was also good to talk to Garret who has designed a vastly improved (if challenging to realise) user interface for the One Click Install handler.


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