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There is a new mailing list for operators on the openSUSE IRC channels – ircops at opensuse dot org.

If you have any queries, suggestions, or complaints regarding an openSUSE IRC channel, please email the list, supplying relevant log excerpts.

For reference, the IRC rules are located on the opensuse-community wiki..

If you are an operator on any openSUSE IRC channel, and have not yet done so – please join the list. The method of subscribing is the same as for any other openSUSE mailing list.

In other IRC related news, the SUSEhelp bot sitting in many openSUSE channels has for some time now supported localisable factoids. Some channels are already using this to provide localised answers to queries such as “SUSEhelp: mp3” and “SUSEhelp: kde4”. If you help in a non-English IRC channel and would find this useful feel free to ask me (benJIman on freenode) how to use it.


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