Java Abuse – Ternary Try/Catch

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We often discuss Java limitations on IRC and try to come up with (sometimes silly) workarounds. Unfortunately after time passes it’s often easy to forget the outcome, and lose code snippets. So I thought I’d start blogging some of them so I don’t lose them, and other people might suggest other ways of doing things… Read more »

Software Portal Preview Available.

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In the last couple of weeks I’ve had some time to work on the software portal project for the first time for a while. There is now a test snapshot that you can play with if you wish, and help find bugs. Please do have a play and leave comments here or file a bug… Read more »


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This morning we had an unusual amount of snow here, more than we’ve had in my lifetime. Most public transport was suspended and the people attempting to drive were quickly getting stuck and sliding all over the place. Motorists were making the classic motorist error. They’ve got too much power. I’ve got half a horsepower… Read more »

openSUSE IRC – Mailing list & Bot

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There is a new mailing list for operators on the openSUSE IRC channels – ircops at opensuse dot org. If you have any queries, suggestions, or complaints regarding an openSUSE IRC channel, please email the list, supplying relevant log excerpts. For reference, the IRC rules are located on the opensuse-community wiki.. If you are an… Read more »

Hackweek – Software Portal

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Most of the time that I was able to spend actually hacking during hackweek I spent working on the software portal. It was very helpful to be able to discuss issues with Pascal in person. The software portal project aims to expose the software available for openSUSE and other linux distributions to users as “Applications”… Read more »

Hackweek Summary & New Blog

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Having now left the University of Warwick, I have lost access to my Warwick hosted blog. So I will now be hosting it myself at Last week was hackweek at Novell – during which Novell developers get to work full time on their own personal projects. Novell were kind enough to sponsor several openSUSE… Read more »