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In the last couple of weeks I’ve had some time to work on the software portal project for the first time for a while.

There is now a test snapshot that you can play with if you wish, and help find bugs.

Please do have a play and leave comments here or file a bug report under the Software Portal component.

You’ll need to register to add comments/screenshots/tags etc. Unfortunately since the account you use to login to other services is controlled by Novell and they provide no openid/saml facility you cannot use the same user account. If you want permissions to edit application details just send me an email (benji at opensuse dot org).

Most of the recent work has been under the hood. Significant speed improvements to the repository indexer and a Webpin compatible webservice that will enable the various clients to continue to work against software portal as they did with webpin until they can be ported to the new api.

There are also some visible changes. The homepage now displays recent comments & top rated applications, and includes the tag cloud.

Software Portal Home Page

Users can now choose a specific vendor for an application for their distribution, as well as installing from the preferred vendor.

Editors can now customise which source packages map to which application.

and which binary packages should be installed by default when a user clicks install.

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