Java Abuse: Inline instanceof

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One annoyance in Java is having to do instanceof checks on multiple lines. e.g. if (object instanceof Foo) { Foo foo = (Foo)object;; }if (object instanceof Foo) { Foo foo = (Foo)object;; } While this is often a sign of a design failure, there are times when instanceof checks are required often due… Read more »

Java Abuse – Currency Pattern

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Here’s a sillier one from last night… People often complain about not being able to return multiple values from a method in Java. I can’t see a good reason for wanting to do this, but some do. The example I was given was wanting to do: int foo, bar, baz; list(foo, bar, bar) = func(ponies);int… Read more »

Java Abuse – Ternary Try/Catch

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We often discuss Java limitations on IRC and try to come up with (sometimes silly) workarounds. Unfortunately after time passes it’s often easy to forget the outcome, and lose code snippets. So I thought I’d start blogging some of them so I don’t lose them, and other people might suggest other ways of doing things… Read more »